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About KEC

Knowledge Economic City Co. (KEC) was established as a Saudi joint-stock company with a capital of 3.4 billion Saudi riyals. It is characterized by its strategic location within the boundaries of the Medina Sanctuary and within the urban range of Medina, located on both sides of the main road linking the Prophet’s Mosque, Al-Haramain High-Speed Railway and Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport. The KEC is about (5) kilometers east from the Prophet’s Mosque and (8) kilometers south of Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport and characterized by its embrace of Al-Haramain High-Speed Railway, on the eastern side of the KEC, which links the two regions of Medina and Mecca, and the holy sites, passing through King Abdullah Economic City and Jeddah.


The location of the KEC project, which has an area of about (6.8) million square meters, is unique in its direct connection with the five most important roads in Medina, which have a width of 80-100 m. It is planned to start the first phase of the internal public transport network starting from Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport to facilitate transportation to the Prophet’s Mosque through the Al-Haramain High-Speed Railway and the kEC by 2023.


The company focuses on benefiting from the religious and historical status of Medina by developing an attractive environment that relies on technology and knowledge in linking its various components, establishing real estate development projects that contribute to achieving the goals of development plans for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and linking its components to the Vision 2030, which contributes to serving the residents and visitors of Medina and maximizing the returns of the company's shareholders.


It also aims to diversify the sources of income through the various uses of lands and real estate developed for different purposes and the operating income from the owned assets, such as commercial and real estate assets, the income of joint ventures and other sources of income generated from investing in other assets, may not be directly related to the operations of the company or the sector, but it serves its goals, especially the related with the field of knowledge and real estate development projects, through joint investment with some well-known investment institutions in the Kingdom. In addition to developing hospitality, shopping, housing and services projects that benefit from the operating of the railway station in the eastern part of the city, and with the development of services in the area around the airport, which speeds up the need to develop the southern part, starting from the area surrounding the station and the development of knowledge projects in the health, educational and logistical fields.


Madinah's Gateway to the future.



Develop a world-class destination that stimulates and attracts investments and knowledge-based economic development, offers its residents and visitors of Madinah a distinguished lifestyle with integrated services, and delivers rewarding returns to its shareholders.


A promising economic future


Madinah is the capital of Islam, and the home of the Seal of the Messengers, which is the second holy city among Muslims, and the first capital of Islamic civilization. Also, its soil embraces the body of the Messenger of the Nation (peace and blessings be upon him). Based on this rich heritage and historical importance, the city has become a magnet for millions of Muslims, the place of their aspirations, and the source of their knowledge and civilization.


Increasing demand by residents and visitors


Madinah's population has recently exceeded one million and has officially become the fourth largest city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a population growth rate of about 3.4% annually, and its population is expected to double in the next twenty years.


Massive infrastructure development


The Saudi government has planned and embarked on several development projects, in response to the growing demand from residents and visitors in all sectors. The Holy Mosque (Al-Masjid Al-Ḥarām) is still experiencing major expansion, and the upcoming expansion of the mosque shall increase its capacity from 600,000 to nearly a million visitors during peak times. The airport has also been expanded to become a world-class reception center. Moreover, the Al-Haramain High-Speed Railway, which is another major transportation factor, could eventually reach 12 million passengers a year.


Emerging market and the engines of the national economy


The economic indicators associated with the major projects under implementation show a significant quantitative and qualitative impact on Medina's economy, which creates sustainable demand for all types of products and services.


Opportunities Gate to Madinah


Knowledge Economic City (KEC) is an area of 6.9 million square meters, located just 5 km from the Prophet’s Mosque (Al-Masjid an-Nabawī), on the main axis connecting the airport and the train station with the Prophet’s Mosque, which provides many investment and development opportunities in all sectors, through commercial, residential, educational, and hospitality projects that will enable the KEC to be a center of knowledge industries and empowerment.


Ease of access and uniqueness of the site


KEC has a unique location on the eastern side of the city of Medina, located within the Holy Region. The King Abdul Aziz Road passes in the middle of the site, which is a major axis with a width of 100 meters and connects it directly with an underground car park and the facilities of the buses of the Prophetic Mosque. KEC is also well connected to all highway networks, and major city roads, such as the second and third ring roads, the new airport road, and the university road. Also, the site is only 5 km from the Holy Mosque, and 8 km from the international airport, while Al-Haramain High-Speed Railway is located on the eastern side of the KEC. Besides, the government plans to find a solution for public transport that links the train station, the KEC, and the Prophetic Mosque, so that transportation between these places is available to visitors and residents easily and conveniently.

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