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CEO Message

Welcome to Knowledge Economic City! It is my pleasure and honor to share with you updates about the company’s launch and the progress of our initiatives.

The team at KEC is working tirelessly to realize the ambitious goal of supporting the national economy through development of multi-use real estate projects. The master plan includes the promotion of knowledge and technology-based content, making way for opportunity development and urban transformation in the Holy City of Madinah. This will be the steppingstone to attract qualified talent and competent individuals to come to the city and contribute their part in establishing knowledge industries, leading to an enlightened future for Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah.

We are working in accordance with the strategic plans to benefit from the strategic location of KEC, as it is situated within the boundaries of Haram. It is also located within the urban boundary of the Holy City of Madinah with King Abdulaziz Road extending on both sides and 5 other major roads of the city leading from it. The project’s location is also the link between the Prophet’s Mosque and two major transportation hubs: the Haramain High-Speed Railway Station and Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport.


Knowledge Economic City is one of the first projects in Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah that contributes to the urban development within the city by utilizing large commercial areas for multi-use real estate and knowledge-based educational projects. This modern infrastructure is being built at par with the international standards and specifications for Global Smart City Solutions.


Special consideration is being given to the population density, traffic flow and many other crucial components. The KEC team is also working to provide an exceptional and comfortable lifestyle to its guests, residents and workers by providing housing, education, healthcare, entertainment, shopping venues and employment opportunities. The projects at the eastern side are also expected to benefit from the Haramain High Speed Railway, specially the hospitality sector.


Alongside this, our main objective remains to promote a knowledge-based economy in line with the government’s plan and the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030. Our aim is to contribute to the growth in the fields of medicine, education and technology and this will serve as the success factor for the project. Promoting knowledge will also help in preserving the sustainability of KEC in the long term.


Remarkable planning of the resources and the strategic design will contribute in diversifying the company’s revenue sources. This will include commercial areas and real estate projects for investment purposes, including operating income from owned assets, income from joint ventures and real estate development projects in collaboration with various investment firms. Furthermore, we are in a good place to position KEC as a destination for entertainment, shopping and also hospitality services for Madinah’s visitors and pilgrims.


Once again, I welcome you to our company’s website and would like to thank you for your visit and interest. We look forward to establishing beneficial relationships with interested companies and individuals. May Allah help us in making this project a success for everyone involved.



Mohammed bin Abdul Hamid Al Sheikh Mubarak

Chief Executive Officer

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