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Corporate Social Responsibility

Khair Umma Initiative:

The Knowledge Economic City participates in the Khair Umma Initiative, one of Imaret Al Madinah Region's programs that aims to enrich and promote good values and morals.

Hayat Charity

One of the Knowledge Economic City’s initiatives to support the clinic and mobile medical convoy program for the year 2019.

Madinah Dates Season

The Knowledge Economic City sponsored the “Madinah Dates Season”, which was inaugurated by the Deputy Emir of Madinah, with several specialized government agencies, including the Madinah Regional Municipality and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. The festival was held in Al-Alya village to create a commercial and healthy atmosphere for the dates market and make it easy for companies in the dates industry to invest, display, and sell their products. The festival has also allowed the youth to buy, sell, and market the dates and provide them to an international marketplace.

Seasonal Flu Vaccination

KEC co-operates with the Ministry of Health in the seasonal flu vaccination campaign.

World Cancer Day

Annually, the Knowledge Economic City participates in World Cancer Day by coordinating with the Ministry of Health and organizes awareness sessions for residents of Dar Al-Jewar. Furthermore, it also organizes family competitions to promote sports. Additionally, KEC co-operates with Ahyaha Association to provide an early detection vehicle for breast cancer for women over forty, using the latest innovative technologies.

Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

KEC is seeking to keep employees and visitors of the Knowledge Economic City and residents of Dar Al-Jewar safe and secure. KEC provides all sanitary tools to prevent Coronavirus and sterilize all public facilities by placing instructional panels that include awareness leaflets, promoting social distancing in the workplace, and committing to wearing masks. It also promotes the remote work system in coordination with the Ministry of Human Resources.

Earth Hour

The Knowledge Economic City participates in the Earth Hour initiative and contributes to protecting the environment and reducing climate pollution.

International Day of Sports

Promoting sports through "Be the Hero" challenge using a series of selected exercises to raise fitness and health on the International Day of Sports and motivates people to exercise at home.

Diwan of Knowledge Hall

The Knowledge Economic City hosted Madinah Regional Municipality to hold a workshop titled "Associations Support Center", in which charity association leaders participated.

Saudi National Day 90

The Knowledge Economic City participated in the 90th Saudi National Day. It organized a motorbike march extending over its territory to Dar Al-Jewar compound, to enhance the sense of belonging to the homeland in the hearts of the people of Madinah.

Prince Visit

Prince Saud bin Khalid Al Faisal, Deputy Emir of Madinah honored the first meeting of the leaders of the offices and programs to achieve the vision provided by the Institute of Knowledge City for leadership and leadership "Mile" and 55 graduates from various sectors of government.

KEC Cycling

KEC implements one of the objectives of the Quality of Life program to promote the exercise of sports activities in Madinah and the community to improve the lifestyle of the individual and the family.

We thank the team @Teibahcyclist and the team @darrajati_med and all participants in the event

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