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It is considered the largest in the city of Medina and it is an integrated center that includes between its flanks a commercial complex, a hotel tower (Hilton), a luxurious residential tower, entertainment centers for children and adults, a sports health club and a boulevard located on both sides of modern restaurants and cafes, and the project also includes wide pedestrian squares and a huge garden

KEC Hub Project | مشروع ملتقى مدينة المعرفة

KEC Hub Project | مشروع ملتقى مدينة المعرفة

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Come hang out and enjoy our leisure hottest place in town

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Hottest place of leisure in Town

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The One Destination

Get to shop, eat, enjoy & hangout all at one place, hottest place in town

Biggest Shopping Mall

The largest shopping mall in town, that caters all your local and international needs

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