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The appointment of Eng. Sami Al-Makhdoub as the CEO of the company

Eng. Sami bin Abdulaziz Al Makhdoub has been appointed as the CEO of the Knowledge Economic City. He holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in mechanical engineering from King Saud University, an advanced course in investment management and evaluation from Harvard University in Boston, and a leadership and management course from Rice University in Houston. He has worked in global companies, including Stone Wobster in the USA, Acer Engineering in Norway, and Snamprogetti in Italy. He also has over 25 years of experience in real estate development in fields such as hospitality, housing and offices, and commercial markets, as well as in the fields of management such as operation, marketing, project management, and management. Besides, he is a member of the Board of Directors of many companies working in the field of real estate development, including Al Awaji Real Estate Co., and the Vice Chairman of the Abdullah M.Bin Saedan and Sons Real Estate Co.

Moreover, Eng. Sami has contributed to corporate management and the development of major projects such as the establishment of a 48,300 square meters of the Maad Towers project in Mecca that includes the development of 21 versatile towers that include hotels, hotel apartments, and a commercial center. In addition to developing several projects for a productive real estate investment between the hotel office towers in Mecca, such as the development of Thakher project, which includes 85 hotels, 8 residential towers, and 10 covered serviced residential towers, with open commercial markets, and other public facilities in this project such as mosques, health centers, and police stations. In this context, he supervised the development of 4 hotel towers, covering an area of ​​34,741 square meters, which contain more than 1500 hotel rooms in the southwest of the central area of ​​the Prophet's Mosque. He also worked at Bank Albilad in its beginnings and has a clear imprint in highlighting the bank’s identity through the implementation of more than fifty branches of the bank, as well as more than 100 branches of the Injaz for Money Exchange Co., and many other projects.

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